9 Best $20-Million Priced Rare Bicentennial Quarters and 6 More Worth Over $950,000πŸ’²

The world of coin collecting is both fascinating and lucrative, especially when it comes to rare finds like the Bicentennial Quarters. These quarters, released in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States’ Declaration of Independence, have become a collector’s dream. Among these, a few stand out for their rarity and high value. In this listicle, we will explore 9 Bicentennial Quarters valued at an astonishing $20 million and 6 others worth over $950,000, delving into what makes each one unique and highly sought after.

1. The Double Die Obverse Quarter

Valued at $20 million, this quarter is a numismatic marvel. The double die obverse, where the coin’s design appears doubled, occurred due to a m inting error. This particular error created a unique visual effect on the coin’s date and the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST,” making it a rare find for collectors.

2. The Off-Center Strike Quarter

Another $20 million gem, this quarter is prized for its off-center strike. This error occurred when the coin blank was not properly aligned with the dies during striking. The result is a coin with an off-center image, which in the world of coin collecting, is a rare and valuable anomaly.

3. The Overstruck Quarter

This quarter, also valued at $20 million, is unique due to being overstruck on a 1941 Canadian quarter. The overlapping images and text from two different coins make it a rare collector’s item, showcasing a fascinating minting error.

4. The Silver Composition Quarter

In 1976, a few Bicentennial quarters were mistakenly struck in silver, a metal not used for quarters since 1964. This rare composition mistake has elevated its value to $20 million, making it a prized possession for any collector.

5. The No S Proof Quarter

Typically, proof coins from the San Francisco mint bear an ‘S’ mintmark. However, a few Bicentennial quarters missed this mark. These ‘No S’ coins are extremely rare, with a valuation of $20 million due to their unusual omission.

6. The Broadstruck Quarter

A broadstruck quarter is one that was struck outside the retaining collar. Without the collar to form the coin’s edges, it results in a broader and misshapen coin. This error, found in some Bicentennial quarters, has pushed their value to $20 million.

7. The Clipped Planchet Quarter

Valued at $20 million, this quarter suffered a clipping error during its production. A portion of the coin is missing, which occurred when the metal sheet was improperly fed during the minting process. This error creates a unique and collectible coin.

8. The Partial Collar Strike Quarter

This $20 million quarter was struck with a partial collar, resulting in a misaligned edge. The error gives the coin a distinctive look, with one part of the edge being thicker than the rest.

9. The Multi-Struck Quarter

A multi-struck quarter, valued at $20 million, occurs when the coin is struck multiple times by the minting press. This error creates an overlapped and distorted design, making each coin uniquely flawed and valuable.

10. The 1975 Dated Quarter

While not reaching the $20 million mark, this quarter is still highly valuable, estimated at over $950,000. It’s a rare anomaly as no quarters were supposed to be dated 1975; they were all meant to bear the 1776-1976 bicentennial dates.

11. The Misaligned Die Quarter

Valued at over $950,000, this quarter was struck with a misaligned die, causing a noticeable shift in the design. This error makes it a rare find and a valuable addition to any collection.

12. The Double Struck Quarter

Another quarter worth over $950,000, this coin was struck twice, with the second strike being off-center. This error creates a visually striking and rare coin.

13. The Struck on Wrong Planchet Quarter

This quarter, valued at over $950,000, was mistakenly struck on a planchet intended for another coin. This mix-up in the minting process makes it a rare and valuable piece.

14. The Struck Through Error Quarter

Valued at over $950,000, this quarter experienced a ‘struck through’ error, where a foreign object came between the die and the planchet during striking. This error creates a unique imprint on the coin, adding to its rarity.

15. The Overstruck on a Foreign Coin Quarter

Similar to the earlier mentioned overstruck quarter but valued at over $950,000, this coin was struck over a foreign coin, creating a fascinating blend of designs and text from two different currencies.


The world of rare Bicentennial Quarters is filled with unique and valuable pieces, each with its own story and error that makes it a collector’s treasure. From double die obverses to overstruck errors, these coins not only represent a piece of American history but also the intriguing world of minting errors and their impact on a coin’s value. For collectors and enthusiasts, these quarters are more than just currency; they are rare gems that encapsulate the rich and often unpredictable journey of coin minting.

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