1: 1. Plank: Strengthen your core in just a few minutes a day. 2. Mountain Climbers: Get your heart rate up with this dynamic exercise. 3. Russian Twists: Tone your obliques while sitting at your desk.

2: 4. Bicycle Crunches: Target your upper and lower abs simultaneously. 5. Leg Raises: Sculpt your lower abs with this simple move. 6. Toe Touches: Reach for your toes to work your upper abs.

3: 7. Side Plank: Engage your obliques for a well-rounded ab workout. 8. Sit-Ups: Classic move for a strong core in limited time. 9. Flutter Kicks: Tone your lower abs with quick, controlled movements.

4: 10. Reverse Crunches: Finish strong with this effective ab exercise. 11. V-Ups: Strengthen your entire core with this challenging move. 12. Plank Jacks: Combine cardio and core work for maximum results.

5: 13. Standing Oblique Crunch: Work your abs while standing up. 14. Scissor Kicks: Engage your lower abs with this dynamic exercise. 15. Windshield Wipers: Strengthen your obliques with a twist.

6: 16. Dead Bug: Improve your core stability with this exercise. 17. Russian Twists with Weight: Add extra resistance for a tough workout. 18. Hanging Leg Raises: Challenge your core strength with this advanced move.

7: 19. Burpees: Incorporate cardio into your ab workout for maximum efficiency. 20. Plank to Push-Up: Engage your entire core and upper body. 21. Boat Pose: Test your balance and core strength with this yoga move.

8: 22. Side Plank with Hip Dips: Target your obliques from all angles. 23. Spiderman Plank: Strengthen your core and work your obliques. 24. Scissor Switches: Rapidly switch your legs for a dynamic ab workout.

9: 25. Russian Twist with Medicine Ball: Add a prop for extra resistance. 26. In and Outs: Engage your lower abs with this quick exercise. 27. Bear Crawl: Challenge your core and endurance with this full-body move.


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