1: Meet Louis Litt, the sharply dressed, quick-witted lawyer with a heart of gold.

2: Donna Paulsen, the fiercely loyal and impeccably dressed right hand to Harvey Specter.

3: Rachel Zane, the intelligent and stylish paralegal turned powerhouse lawyer.

4: Jessica Pearson, the fierce and elegant managing partner with a flawless sense of style.

5: Alex Williams, the tough and talented lawyer with a no-nonsense attitude and sharp suits.

6: Gretchen Bodinski, the sassy and sharp-tongued secretary turned indispensable law firm manager.

7: Norma Korsch, the quiet and dependable secretary with a knack for stealthy operations.

8: Sheila Sazs, the quirky and brilliant lawyer who brings a unique perspective to the team.

9: Robert Zane, the powerful and intimidating attorney with a commanding presence and impeccable wardrobe.


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