1: Introducing the Phenom - The Undertaker's iconic debut at Survivor Series 1990 left fans in awe.

2: The Brother of Destruction - Witness The Undertaker's first appearance with his brother Kane.

3: Undertaker vs. The Hulkster - Relive the moment when The Undertaker faced Hulk Hogan during his debut.

4: Rise of The Deadman - Explore how The Undertaker's first appearance set the stage for his legendary career.

5: From the Darkside - Step into the world of The Undertaker as he made his impactful WWE debut.

6: Legacy of Destruction - Discover the impact of The Undertaker's first appearances on the wrestling world.

7: Phenom's Arrival - Experience the chills as The Undertaker made his memorable first appearance in WWE.

8: Champion's Debut - The Undertaker's first appearance as a WWE Champion left the world in awe.

9: Undertaker's Reign Begins - Join us in celebrating The Undertaker's unforgettable first appearances in WWE.


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