1: The wheel, invented over 5,000 years ago, remains a cornerstone of transportation technology today.

2: The calendar, developed by the ancient Egyptians, is still utilized worldwide for organizing time.

3: Writing systems, first created by the Sumerians, evolved into modern alphabets used for communication.

4: Irrigation techniques, pioneered by the Mesopotamians, are still crucial for agricultural success.

5: The concept of democracy, originating in ancient Greece, continues to shape governments around the world.

6: Plumbing systems, first implemented by the Romans, are essential for modern sanitation and hygiene.

7: The compass, invented by the Chinese, revolutionized navigation and exploration across the globe.

8: Papermaking, introduced by the ancient Egyptians, is still the foundation for written communication today.

9: Mathematical principles, developed by ancient civilizations, are essential for scientific advancements and technology.


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