1: Meet Harvey Specter, the charismatic lawyer with a sharp wit and a troubled past.

2: Discover Mike Ross, the genius fraud who bluffed his way into a top law firm.

3: Dive into Jessica Pearson's rise to power as the fierce managing partner of Pearson Specter.

4: Explore Louis Litt's journey from insecure to successful lawyer with a heart of gold.

5: Uncover Rachel Zane's struggles as she balances law school and love.

6: Learn about Donna Paulsen's unwavering loyalty and impeccable skills as a legal secretary.

7: Follow Alex Williams, the former rival turned loyal friend and trusted colleague.

8: Delve into Katrina Bennett's ambition and determination to prove herself in a male-dominated field.

9: Experience the drama and intrigue of Pearson Spinoff, not available on Netflix USA.


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