1: Inception - Dive into dreams within dreams, featuring a stellar cast and mind-bending visuals by Christopher Nolan.

2: The Dark Knight - Witness the iconic portrayal of the Joker by Heath Ledger in this epic Batman film.

3: Interstellar - Explore outer space and the depths of human emotion in this visually stunning sci-fi adventure.

4: Dunkirk - Experience the intensity and bravery of World War II through Nolan's gripping storytelling.

5: Memento - Follow a man with short-term memory loss on a quest for revenge in this unique thriller.

6: The Prestige - Discover the dark secrets of rival magicians in this twist-filled drama.

7: Tenet - Navigate through time manipulation and espionage in this mind-bending thriller.

8: Insomnia - Delve into psychological thriller territory with a murder case in Alaska.

9: Following - Uncover a mysterious world of crime and obsession in Nolan's feature film debut.


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