1: Avoid sugary cereals. Opt for whole grain options for lasting energy.

2: Skip fried foods for better heart health. Try grilled or baked alternatives.

3: Limit processed snacks high in sodium and preservatives. Choose whole foods instead.

4: Steer clear of sugary beverages like soda. Stay hydrated with water or herbal tea.

5: Pass on excessive red meat consumption. Incorporate more plant-based proteins like beans.

6: Beware of hidden sugars in flavored yogurts. Select plain yogurt and add fruit for sweetness.

7: Cut back on fast food meals high in unhealthy fats. Cook homemade meals for better nutrition.

8: Reduce intake of packaged desserts loaded with added sugars. Treat yourself to fruit for sweetness.

9: Avoid pre-packaged smoothies with added sugars. Blend your own with fresh fruits and vegetables.


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