1: Rise and shine with a turmeric-infused smoothie to kickstart your day.

2: Swap sugary cereals for overnight oats topped with fresh berries for inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

3: Start your morning with a balanced meal of scrambled eggs and avocado on whole grain toast.

4: Sip on green tea for a dose of anti-inflammatory catechins while enjoying a Greek yogurt parfait.

5: Whip up a chia seed pudding with almond milk and anti-inflammatory cinnamon.

6: Fuel your day with a colorful bowl of quinoa topped with anti-inflammatory fruits like pineapple and mango.

7: Enjoy a hearty breakfast burrito filled with beans, veggies, and anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric.

8: Bake a batch of sweet potato pancakes with anti-inflammatory ginger and cinnamon.

9: Kick off your day with a refreshing smoothie bowl packed with anti-inflammatory spinach, berries, and almond butter.


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