1: Wake up with a glass of warm lemon water to reduce inflammation. Add a pinch of turmeric for extra benefits.

2: Start your day with a Greek yogurt parfait topped with berries and almonds. Rich in probiotics and antioxidants.

3: Try a quick avocado toast with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Packed with healthy fats and vitamins.

4: Make a smoothie bowl with spinach, banana, and chia seeds. Blend with coconut milk for a refreshing kick.

5: Whip up a veggie omelette with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. High in protein and inflammation-fighting nutrients.

6: Enjoy a bowl of overnight oats with walnuts and honey. Fiber-rich and perfect for a busy morning.

7: Snack on cucumber slices with hummus. Hydrating and filled with anti-inflammatory properties.

8: Have a cup of green tea with a slice of whole grain toast. Boosts metabolism and aids in digestion.

9: Indulge in a bowl of mixed fruit salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Delicious and nutritious for a busy day ahead.


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