1: Quokka - The happiest animal, native to Australia, known for its friendly nature and cute appearance.

2: Quoll - A small marsupial found in Australia, known for its spotted fur and carnivorous diet.

3: Queen Angelfish - Colorful tropical fish found in the Caribbean, known for its striking blue and yellow patterns.

4: Quahog - A type of clam found along the Atlantic coast, used in traditional clam chowder recipes.

5: Quetzal - Vibrantly colored bird found in the rainforests of Central America, prized for its long tail feathers.

6: Quokka Rat - Endangered rodent species native to Indonesia, known for its small size and elusive behavior.

7: Quail - Small ground-dwelling bird popular for hunting and as a game meat, found worldwide in various habitats.

8: Quahog Clam - Large edible clam species found along the Atlantic coast, used in seafood dishes and chowders.

9: Quetzalcoatlus - Extinct pterosaur with a wingspan of over 30 feet, known for its impressive size and flying abilities.


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