1: "Banana Berry Blast: Blend banana, berries, and Greek yogurt for a fiber-packed smoothie to improve digestion."

2: "Pineapple Ginger Zing: Pineapple and ginger soothe stomach troubles and aid in digestion. Add a splash of coconut water."

3: "Spinach Avocado Elixir: This green smoothie is rich in fiber and healthy fats, promoting gut health and digestion."

4: "Mango Papaya Paradise: A tropical mix of mango and papaya aids in digestion with enzymes and fiber."

5: "Kiwi Kale Cleanser: Kiwi and kale are high in fiber and antioxidants, perfect for a healthy digestion boost."

6: "Probiotic Powerhouse: Blend kefir, berries, and flaxseed for a smoothie full of probiotics and fiber to aid digestion."

7: "Chia Seed Citrus Smoothie: Chia seeds and citrus fruits are packed with fiber and antioxidants, aiding in digestion."

8: "Coconut Almond Delight: Coconut milk, almond butter, and banana provide healthy fats and fiber for improved digestion."

9: "Apple Cinnamon Swirl: Apples and cinnamon are a classic combo that aids digestion and soothes digestive issues. Enjoy!"


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