1: Gina Torres stars in Pearson, a legal drama spin-off from Suits. Not available on Netflix, the show follows Jessica Pearson's new chapter in Chicago.

2: Find out how Jessica navigates the murky waters of Chicago politics. Gina Torres brings strength and style to her role in this compelling series.

3: Pearson delves into the complex world of power and betrayal. Gina Torres shines as the formidable Jessica Pearson, facing new challenges and adversaries.

4: Get ready for gripping storylines and powerful performances in Pearson. Gina Torres delivers a masterful portrayal of a high-powered attorney in a new city.

5: Follow Jessica Pearson as she fights for justice and redemption in Pearson. Gina Torres' magnetic presence and commanding performance drive the series forward.

6: Unlock the secrets of the legal world with Pearson. Gina Torres' captivating performance as Jessica Pearson keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

7: Experience the drama and intrigue of Pearson, starring Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson. This legal thriller will keep you guessing as Jessica takes on the Windy City.

8: Join Gina Torres on a thrilling ride with Pearson. Discover the highs and lows of Jessica Pearson's journey in this compelling legal drama series.

9: Don't miss Gina Torres in Pearson, the gripping spin-off from Suits. Experience the power struggles and triumphs of Jessica Pearson in a new setting.


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