1: Gina Torres, best known for her role as Jessica Pearson on Suits, now makes a powerful transition to Pearson.

2: The legal drama follows Pearson's journey to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of politics.

3: With themes of power, betrayal, and ambition, Pearson showcases Torres' versatility as an actress.

4: Fans can expect intense drama, intricate plots, and strong female leads in this spin-off series.

5: Despite not being available on Netflix, Pearson can be streamed on USA Network and Amazon Prime.

6: Torres' portrayal of the formidable Jessica Pearson continues to captivate audiences in this new chapter.

7: The show delves into the complexities of politics, relationships, and power struggles in Chicago.

8: As the central character, Torres adds depth and charisma to the riveting storyline of Pearson.

9: Watch Gina Torres in Pearson for a thrilling and engaging story of ambition, loyalty, and self-discovery.


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