1: Start your day with a quick and healthy breakfast! Try these delicious fiveminute ideas following an antiinflammatory Mediterranean diet.

2: Whip up a simple Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries and nuts for a protein-packed breakfast.

3: Make a speedy smoothie bowl with spinach, banana, and hemp seeds for a nutrient-rich meal on the go.

4: Scramble eggs with veggies like bell peppers and spinach for a satisfying and inflammation-fighting breakfast.

5: Toast whole grain bread and top with avocado, tomato, and a sprinkle of feta cheese for a Mediterranean twist.

6: Blend frozen berries, almond milk, and chia seeds into a refreshing breakfast smoothie for a quick energy boost.

7: Sauté sweet potatoes, black beans, and spices for a flavorful hash that will keep you full until lunchtime.

8: Mix together oats, almond milk, and cinnamon for a comforting bowl of overnight oats with anti-inflammatory benefits.

9: These five-minute breakfast ideas will help busy ladies start their day right with all the nutrients they need.


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